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Unique Wording For Your Wedding Invitations

There are literally thousands of ways you can word your wedding invites. But wording for your wedding invitations is part writing and part style - your style. Make sure to incorporate your style into the wording of your invites - be it traditional or more modern. Some of the non traditional invites are worded like this:

Non Traditional Invitation Text:

You Are Cordially Invited To

A Wedding Event Celebrating

The Marriage of Bride and Groom

Date Time

Location: The Historic Church On A Hill Church’s Address

Please R.S.V.P. By Date

A Gathering of Friends, Family and Food Will Take Place Immediately Following the Ceremony at The Lovely Astor Hotel Ballroom

Another Non-Traditional Sample:

We Are So Happy, And We Want To Share It With You!

Come Join Bride and Groom As We Celebrate our Love in Marriage

Date Time Location: The Historic Church On A Hill Address

Send Us Your Thoughts, and your RSVP on the Enclosed Response Card by Date

And Congrats, We Like You Enough To Invite You To The After Party at 7pm

As more and more couples go beyond traditional, many enjoy adding in their own special touches. For example, not all wedding invitation text mentions the bride and groom’s parents. You can also embellish on words like “ceremony” and “reception” as you see in the non-traditional samples above.

For those of you that like tradition, and want to word your wedding invitations this way, here is some traditional wording for wedding invitations:

Traditional Invite Text:

The bride and groom’s parents invite you to the marriage of

The bride and groom.

The ceremony will take place at date/time and location.

A reception will follow at time and location

Traditional Wording Sample:

The Honor of Your Presence Is Requested

By Bride’s Mother and Father

And Groom’s Mother and Father

To Share In The Joy of the Marriage of Bride and Groom

This Lovely Event Will Take Place On Date/Time

At The Church On A Hill
Church’s Address

These are only a few of the ways you can write your wedding invitation text. Be creative, and include your own personal touches. One trend is to “brand” your wedding, more like it’s a major event. Doing this will give you the opportunity to carry your brand into your wedding invitation design and wording.

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