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So you are engaged. Your wedding date is set and your church and hall are booked. Now you need to invite friends and family to the biggest day of your life - in comes the need for wedding invitations. However, how do you come up with the wedding invitation's design and format? Read on….

Wedding invitations can be as varied and unique as you are. You'll want to incorporate a little of your style and your wedding's style into the invite. For your design, think about your wedding colors and themes, as well as and the type of wedding/reception you'll be having. For the text to include, have a look at our page about wedding invitation wording.

Below is a list of what to include in your invitations, but you might want to have a look at our Wedding Invitation Ideas page to help spark the creative genius in you!

Wedding Invitation Format

A standard wedding invitation Format is made up of the following pieces:

  • The Wedding Invitation - This holds all of your wedding invitation wording, such as the time and place of your wedding, the bride and grooms names and the names of the parents.
  • The Envelope - Usually has a similar look and feel to the invitation.
  • Response Card - The card that your guests use to respond yes or no to your invite. This usually includes space to select their dinner choice as well as indicate if they will be bringing a guest.
  • Reception Card - This card is included for those guests that are invited to your reception dinner. It usually tells the time and place of the reception.
  • Map - To your church and/or reception hall
  • Address Labels and Stamps - Used on the response cards your guests send back to you.

Of course this list can vary - some couples put lists of hotels, descriptions of their meals, etc. It's up to you what you want to include. Just remember, it's your big day, so make your invites a reflection on your individuality and style.

Other Things To Include

Here's a list of other things to include or send in addition to your wedding invitations:

  • Save the Date Cards - Send six months prior to your invites
  • Personal Notes - For those special friends and family
  • Pre-wedding Event Invitations - For engagement parties, rehearsal dinner or casual celebrations
  • Travel Cards - Listing hotel contact info, airline information and driving directions.
  • Wedding Announcements
  • Wedding Programs - Outlining the timeline of your wedding. Can be sent, but are often distributed at the church
  • Wedding Web Site Cards - Listing your Web site address and any necessary log in information.

Wedding Invitation Printing

A big part of your wedding invitation design is printing. There are several ways you can choose to print your wedding invitations. We won't go into detail here, but the following pages will explain more about printing your wedding invitations then you ever thought you'd know!

Wedding Invitation Vendors

If you're looking for some awesome invitations vendors, head over to our sister site and check out these Milwaukee wedding invitations vendors. While you might not be looking for wedding invitations in Milwaukee, many of these invite vendors can develop your invitations and ship them directly to you!

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