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Print Your Own Wedding Invitations Using Invitation Kits or Card Stock

If you're on a budget, as many couples are, you might want to consider printing your own wedding invitations to save on cost. These days, there are a ton of options for do it yourself wedding invites, including wedding invitation kits and using card stock for invitations, but you'll have to be willing to put in a little leg work to get the job done.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Wedding Invitation Kit or Card Stock
  • A Computer To Do Design and Printing
  • Good Quality Home Printer
  • The Wording for Your Invites

Wedding Invitation Kits Give You Every Thing You Need

Print Your Own Wedding Invitations with Wedding Invitation Kit

You'll be able to find these kits at most stationary stores and online. They consist of invite paper, enclosure cards and envelopes. Also, many include decorations such as ribbons.

You can buy blank wedding invitation kits or ones with designs already incorporated into them. For the blank invite kits, you'll probably want to find some high-quality clip art to add in some design elements. Or, if you are experienced in graphic design, you can design your own elements.

I did a little research on some popular wedding invitation kits for sale on Here's a few of there most popular ones in a variey of price ranges. Mouse over to get the price and click on the image to buy them on Amazon:

Using Card Stock For Your Invitations

Another option for the DIYer is to buy card stock and create your own invites from scratch. You should be used to doing craft type project or working with paper. Also, a background in graphic design is helpful when taking this route.

To create your own invitations using card stock, you'll need to find someplace to buy the proper size card stock. Next you'll want to design your invite - use a program such as Adobe Illustrator or Microsoft Publisher to do the design. You also might want to look into some high-end clip art for the borders and pictures.

After printing the invites, final touches can be made. Many brides like to wrap the invitation package with ribbon.

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