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How To Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

These days, part of the fun of planning your wedding comes from being able to do many of the tasks yourself. This is especially true when it comes time to make your own wedding invitation. In fact, making your own wedding invitations is one of the easier DIY wedding tasks, and it adds in your style while saving you a bundle.

Example of Home Made Invitations

Homemade DIY Wedding InvitationWhen my wife and I were married, I took on the task of making my own invites. Doing this not only saved us money, but helped us "brand" our wedding. Our last name starts with a "Q", so we wanted to brand the wedding as "Q - A Wedding Event". We were going for more of a fun, party type event versus the traditional wedding. Well let me tell you, looking for wedding invites that say "Q - A Wedding Event" is pretty much impossible, so I was forced to create my own.

I do have a background in graphic design, so I designed the invite (see image on your left), response card and reception card (see images below) from scratch and had a local print shop do the printing. I used the design program, Adobe Illustrator to do the design. Since we were using the "Q - A Wedding Event" theme, I used the letter Q as a design element throughout the invitation package. Our wedding colors were blue, so I made the invites blue with white text.

Homemade DIY Reception Card              Homemade DIY Response Card

Once designed, I bought clear-frosted envelopes so the invite would show through. I also used clear mailing labels. In the end, everything turned out great and we had the most unique wedding invitations I've ever seen. All this while saving a boatload of cash - talk about affordable!

Can a Novice Make Their Own Invitations?

Now you might be saying "but I don't have any graphic design experience". Not too worry, there are plenty of wedding invitation kits for sale that aid in the design of invites. Here's a few of the wedding invitation kits recommended by

Also, you can buy blank cards and create a design of your own, or copy some of the wedding invitation ideas on this site.

For your design program, you don't need to go as high-end as Illustrator. You can make invites in programs like Microsoft Publisher and even Microsoft Word.

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