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Hi Everyone, and thanks for stopping by our site! We are Angela and Greg, the husband and wife team behind We started the site because we felt there was a lack of good solid information on wedding invitations on the Web. Sure, there are plenty of sites that sell invitations, but we wanted to create a site that was a "guide" to wedding invitations.

The site is supported through advertising and links to third-party Web sites that sell wedding invitation supplies. Basically, if you click through to one of the third-party sites and buy something, we get a small commission. It's not much, but it sure helps keep the site up and running.

Our Milwaukee Weddings Site

We also run, a Milwaukee weddings blog and vendor guide. Even if you aren't getting married in Milwaukee, check out the site for great articles on wedding budgets, tips and trends. We also offer great vendor guides such as our Milwaukee wedding photographers page and listing of Milwaukee wedding venues.

Well, that's enough about us, after all, you're here to learn about wedding invitations. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your time on our site!

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